Why Ford’s 2021 Bronco Launch Was So Successful

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4 min readDec 26, 2020

On July 13, Ford released the new family of 2021 Broncos. While I do pay attention to the latest and greatest in the automotive world, I rarely look at a new model THE DAY it is released.

When I think of amazing product launches, two companies come to mind: Apple and Tesla.

Apple’s keynote presentations of their new products are amazing at drawing me in and making me care about the (mostly minor) changes for the upcoming iPhone or MacBook.

Tesla and Elon Musk have adopted similar product launch keynotes to Apple. I think Tesla’s Cybertruck launch set the bar for automotive product launches.

Ford really blew me away with its launch of the new lineup of Broncos. The production quality of the launch video was incredible. It was good enough that it prompted my brother to call me and say “Dude! Did you just watch that?”

The 2021 Bronco Built Hype for A LONG Time

Part of the reason that the 2021 Bronco launch was such a hit is that people had been waiting for a new Bronco for nearly two decades. There has been buzz about Ford releasing a new Bronco ever since the last production model went off the market in 1996.

I remember going to an auto show back in 2004 and seeing this Bronco concept car. People (especially my dad) were super excited about this concept and were hopeful about it going to market.

2004 Ford Bronco Concept Car
2004 Bronco Concept Car — Chicago Auto Show

This long journey to launch allowed more hype to build. As people’s excitement grew, the fans themselves actually helped Ford market their future product.

Ford’s product was so perfect likely because they listened to what Bronco fans were looking for from the latest model.

As with Apple’s iPhone launches, people start throwing around rumors about what the future model will look like. This helps create more buzz about the product.

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