On July 13, Ford released the new family of 2021 Broncos. While I do pay attention to the latest and greatest in the automotive world, I rarely look at a new model THE DAY it is released.

When I think of amazing product launches, two companies come to mind: Apple…

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Founders and early startup employees face countless unique challenges. Not only do they have to worry about creating a product or service, they have to figure out how to bring awareness to their business and how to drive revenue. …

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I’m by no means an expert or leader in the marketing field. But I’ve been working as a marketer for nearly a decade. I want to share some tips and information with you that I really could have used when I was first getting started.

If you feel like you’re…

This video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V4Vs6CSpPI) discusses the same topic. It would be super cool to see a privacy-focused company like DuckDuckGo get the backing of a massive company like Apple.

Hi There,

I’m writing you because you follow my publication on Medium where I write about privacy and cybersecurity news. Well, I’ve started to focus primarily on creating video content on YouTube.

I’m almost to 1000 subscribers, and my goal is to reach 1000 by the end of January. I share multiple videos a week about privacy and the latest privacy stories. It would mean the world if you would subscribe to my channel.

You’ll get a lot of value from my channel, and I’d be happy to make more videos if you have any specific questions.

Visit my YouTube channel here: Privacy Guy on YouTube

Thank you!

-The Privacy Guy

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If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself on the internet without compromising your browsing experience, a reliable VPN is a great way to achieve that. Many internet users are tired of the complex tracking that has become so common online. …

I’ve been writing about my CrossFit journey recently, and I just wanted to share a bit more about the specific movements that are common in CrossFit workouts. There are a few skill-based workouts like muscle-ups and pistol squats that frustrate me right now, but once I nail the movements I…

According to the CDC, obesity affected about 13.7 million children and adolescents in the United States in 2016. Unfortunately, the majority of these kids will grow up to be obese adults. These obese adults will then require more healthcare and economic resources than healthy individuals.

So you’re interested in marketing? If you love creating content and trying to gain followers on Instagram or TikTok, then marketing is probably a great field for you to go into. While you can probably get an internship without experience, getting a full-time position is more difficult without some experience…

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Privacy, technology and internet culture. Trying my hand at YouTube here: youtube.com/c/privacy-guy

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